The Artist


From an early age Katie was drawn to  the Old Masters artwork because of their beauty and timeless visual communication.   She became determined to be able to create artwork giving joy and peace to the viewer.   Katie was accepted to the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy when she was 14 years old.  At the time, her mother thought this was too soon.  Fortunately Katie’s father believed that everyone should have a chance of following their dreams, and so a year later, at age 15, Katie began her classical training in drawing and oil painting techniques surrounded by some of the greatest art treasures in the western world.  For the next five years, she lived her dream, learning the techniques of the Old Masters during the day, and completed her high school education in the evening.  Later, she completed a MFA degree researching JMW Turner and James Whistler’s painting techniques.  Over the years, she has won awards in international art competitions and her work is in private collections in the US and China.

Katie continues to strive to infuse her work with a sense of life, to create not only a physical imagery but also an emotional, visual communication with the viewer.  At this time, Katie is working on commissions, and shall continue to  develop her artistic methodology as a doctorate student at the University of Kent Art History and Philosophy PhD program.

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